Thursday, November 30, 2006

The end is Nigh b/w Daniel made me cry

OH can u feel it? College football is ALMOST over! Where is Rutgers? and who cares. NONE of it matters.Out here in Italian Carbohydrate Transfer Technition land Sports radio is a drivers best friend. Listening to old balding no neck mouthbreathers trying to relive their glory days pontificating over why Wazzu struggled this year because they changed from a 4-3 to a 3-4 or some nonesense is FINALLY on it's last legs. Unfortunately, the exciting College basketball season,( which crowns an ACTUAL champion)will be discussed only in terms of which .500 beavs/ducks scenario has ANY spice and leaving me w/out precious Big East(better than the ACC) news. I'll admit the Texas/USC champ game was gold. But that was the exception to the golden rule that college football is meaning less and, most importantly boring.....

But I digress,

Recommend "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" (thanks jojo)

When I first moved out west ,or to portland specifically , I listened to 'Hi How Are you' all the way through for the first time, and it chills you. I had heard scattered songs from mixes, and the yo la tengo telephone collaboration on genius + love, but the personal and emotional power really hit me more for some reason. Maybe being out here, so far away from where i grew up and having been trying to find my place for what at the time had seemed a while...No forget that, it stand on it's own no matter what.

Any hoo, to have the opportunity to not only witness a DJ performance, not to mention get paid for it, and get to sort of meet him, is something i'll always appreciate. Blackbird 2001 (?) he comes in in a whirlwind of nervous tension, yelling to his road manager (not his dad) and bolts, carrying just his guitar and a notebook, for the basement greenroom amid a sea of curious fans. Frantically he raced down the stairs and simultaneously chugged two mountain dews while sucking a kool cigarette down to the butt in 3 puffs. I have no idea what to expect, and I had heard variations on the legend that gets cleared up very well in the film. But when he played, it had to be the single most powerful ,captivating, and emotional thing that room had and will ever see. Not a dry eye in the house. I'm grateful to have been there. I think Emil opened the show too, but Daniel takes up all the memory space in the old Commodore 64.

So see, it's not all about sports.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh AND mussnt forget

If Anyone is the poster boy for still got it .com er blog its diabeetis spokesman and quaker oatsman wilford brimley.
If I could get him on my outgoing message it would go a little somethin like this...hit it:" Jake can't come to the phone right now cause of a reaction to jalopenis. He can't have the jalopenis due to his diabeetis"......that would be how he say jalopenos, if u can't follow.

Still got it, the Indigo Girls,

Still Got it, cuz he just got it, my nephew Penn