Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who Let the Dog Out?

Yes It's Official. Dr. Dog still got it. Pay no attention to my brief moment of doubt, the Dog took Conan by storm last night with a SIZICK version of 'Worst Trip' with the max weinberg7 horns, including a painted on moustached la bamba, backing em up. No one has posted the clip yet so until then: a pretty good version of 'Aint It Strange' from Criminal Records. From personal experience playing In Stores usually sucks but the fellas do not disappoint here. If only I had a video recording device for the millenium instore in which they played acoustic w/piano and a song "they had never played before". oh well

The travesty that is THE SYRACUSE SNUBB is not out of my head yet. At first I blamed Stanford, but after research from my friend chris (a pac 10er, so grab a grain o salt) the culprits should be Illinois and Villanova. To which I also throw out Texas Tech(???) and Indiana.Not to mention Syracuse finished higher in the Big East than BOTH Marquette and Villanova who are IN. What's the F'n DEAL?? I'm trying to cope, but will feel alot better upon first round exits from all the above teams and an NIT championship for the Orange. Until then, No SleepTil THursday!!!!!!!!!!

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