Thursday, April 12, 2007

Felix Say NO DICE!

King Felix, King Buzzkill. In the hyped up Dice-k vs. Ichiro matchup at Fenway 21 year old Felix Hernandez dominated with a ONE HITTER and stole the show. Big news to the rest of the world but King Felix ,as he's been dubbed up here in the lonesome (not so)crowded and often forgotten Northwest, has been Top Dawg for goin on 3 years after being called up 1/2 way through '05. I have to say I'm not bothered one bit. I'll take a Mariners radio broadcast like this, knowing full well in a few days the M's will be hosting the Royal's (or the like)and Weaver won't be able to find the plate and the gin will be flowing in the booth.

But wait, there's more...

QUADRUPLE OT Can Only mean One thing...Playoff Hawckey! 76 shots on goal per team and gallons of Pedialite later, the Canucks claim victory after playing what equates to over two full games. Even April was impressed by the heart of these dudes. Just wait til tonight:LET"S GO SABRES!

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