Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It Is Time...

Dec 2nd 5-12, today 22-13
12 straight at home,17 of 18, Streak, with Nate on the bench, still in tact. Sole possesion of 1st place in the division. A die hard Blazer fan waiting to wake up, yet still, every game the dream intensifies. What is going on here? A new answer every night. It is on, and It Is For Real. And tonight, against the Warriors, what was thought to be a real test, a real gut check for where this team really is ie: " let's not get ahead of ourselves". Then...3 straight dunks (easy baskets, Barkley are you listenin?) and Steve F'n Blake and Nelly's callin a T down 17-4. And it NEVER GOT CLOSE. A scare with B Roy (pronounced wah), and then an actual take out of the sizzling Blakey (24pts in 20 min) wicked chahleehorse! But it was never in doubt.

It's all about trust, will, and love with the blazers this year, and without G.O.
Next year, yes will be fierce...
But do NOT sleep on this year! This road trip will be a test, ...but we've been saying that the last month.

this is the pep talk i give myself every morning when i rise.


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