Monday, December 18, 2006

Still Got It:Albums Not Made In 06

Albums of the Year? Hardly
A tough one as there weren't many that avoided boring me, and the one that i am listening to the most isn't out yet.

So Here goes:
1. Sonic Youth: Rather Ripped
Dictionary Definition of 'still got it'. A slammin hit fest, deal with it.

2.Extra Golden:Ok Oyot System.
Sorry I'm late, just came from a job interview...NAILED IT!

3. N/A

4. Christina Aguillera.(and team)
I've seen her do 'Ain't No Other Man' on like 5 different shows and each performance was different, from choreography, to the actual band arrangements and the girl can sang. I'd never buy her album or anything but of all the real accessible pop out there Christina is heads and shoulders above em all.

5. Dr. Dog: takers and leavers EP. (by default)
Not their best and really just released as a teaser/momentum keeper for the soon to be released full length.
One great song,'Aint it strange', and a coupla good ones. Expectations for the new one are higher than that Libertines guy, and Trey Anastasio combined.


And One more thing, Don't think I didn't notice 15 games for #15.
A sad day for someone with an e mail address like mine. Let's all try and move on and learn from this please.
I might not want kids after all...dissappointing............


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