Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I love cagey veterans. I have never given 2 s-hits about Garcia,with the 49ers, or whoever else he's been shackin up with since T.O. demanded walkin papers. And I don't give much of a rip for either of tonights MNF combatants, but i love a smart gutsy veteran move like BACKUP JG pulled tonight. Once (Syracuse Orangemen it was still 'men' back then) Donovan, on his way to an MVP season, McNabb went down EVERYONE left the Eagz for dead, and they still might be. I had little interest, and ZERO fantasy interest in this game, and wouldn't have seen it had practice not have been cancelled, but I'm ALWAYS up for veteran backup hero moments. I'm talkin Frank Reich, Vinny Testaverde, dare I say "no longer hail mary, just call me drop kick Flutie"? THIS is why the Bears are toast. Garcia held on to the ball and didn't panic,, took sacks, scrambled, and did all the smart things to help his team win. Man that sounds boring, and I love it. OK. and one more thing in Sports before we move on to Weather....

Manny ain't goin NOWHERE!

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