Tuesday, February 6, 2007


"Let me hear y'all think Rexy aint so sexy, and let me guide you through the purple rain... "

What we learned:
Everyone said the Bears couldn't do it, and were right.

That Bill Cowher still got it. 15 minutes before kickoff said do not kick to Hester!

Beard combovers are funny.

That I was 17 weeks off on Dominick Rhodes having a great game (fantasy bust=XLI MVP fo reals)

Billy Joel should start drinking again.

Phil Simms should be water boy for his son and never call a game again.

CBS shouldn't let Andy Rooney be in charge of Super Bowl stats. It was almost halftime til they revealed, what everyone in the room had assumed, was the first ever opening kick off return for a touchdown in super bowl history.

That 'god the lord etc' is a major buzz kill in any press conference.

And why prince is the MVP:

He made the foo fighters slightly listenable.
Shredded major boards.
Only person to EXCEL in the wet conditions
Once he got everyone talking bout the aunt jemima doo rag, had the presence of mind to toss it away
shredded MAJOR boards.
One upped Janet Jackson in the flowing curtain sequence


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Well said.
Prince is the birth of Cool, always has been always will be.
Oh yeah, this just in. Rex Grossman and Steve Bartman are now roommates living under the witness protection agency.

Kathie said...

how u pheelin' man?
Call da 'Cuse

huntsly said...

the birth of cool is staying ahead of the curve.. really.. update biatch.... I mean really.... do I need to quote the Joggers New CD.. oh wait... there isn't one........ that's right, your staying on the old foundation.. which is good.. but quit being so lazy... Update Morris...........that's what blogs are...not blahsss....... (yeal, you can hate me.) Post a picture Bitch................