Friday, February 23, 2007

Too Soon: DJ

So, as requested, a mention of the untimely passing of Dennis Johnson at age 52. The reason for the slight delay was not because of the trade deadline, but because of the reaction I had. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't, nor am I now, a Huge Celts fan. But growing up in upstate and following basketball at that time you couldn't help but know each player by name, as well as the Lakers. But what really struck me was the age at which DJ went down, and I began lingering on my own mortality. Hence my obsession with mid-life crises at the moment. Now I have no reason to believe I won't go on far past my sixties, but a thing like this, for some reason, puts ones life into perspective. Anyway Bill Simmons has the best tribute to DJ which I will try to link. Meanwhile I'll be drifting........

Click the simmons link top right.

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